Our clients span a wide range of interests within the not-for-profit industry including those in the arts, cultural centers, foundations, religious, schools, and social service organizations. Robbins and Moroney, P.A. is very knowledgeable of the issues most important to our clients due to our focus and concentration in the not-for-profit industry. To provide an understanding of the breadth and scope of our audit services to the not-for-profit industry, a listing of our clients is available upon request. We believe you will be impressed by the nature and type of organizations in our portfolio of clients. We encourage you to contact those organizations that we have served.

Robbins and Moroney, P.A. provides a full-range of accounting, tax, and consulting services focused for the not-for-profit industry. Our consulting services include matters such as management reporting systems, internal control assessment, budgeting, grant reporting, and general management strategies. In addition to preparing Form 990 returns, our firm is proactive with advising clients on tax issues. Although each client is unique, common areas of concern to most not-for-profit tax clients include: unrelated business income tax, sales tax issues and quid pro quo matters involving fundraising events and the related tax deductibility to contributors. In addition, software support can be provided for Fund E-Z accounting software for those organizations receiving multiple grants and working with varying programs and departments.